Welcome to The Naked Desert Photo Art Project Home Page

The Naked Desert is a private, not-for-profit art project being held since 2004.  The Naked Desert 2016 will take place July 23-24, 2016

Now is your chance to participate in a mind blowing, large-scale community art project. This is your invitation!
The Naked Desert Photo Art Project is an all-night event (5:00pm to 7:00am) held in the High Desert Area of Southern California. Our event has expanded to encompass the entire weekend and includes camping and hiking and photographic and artistic festivities!
Participants of all shapes and sizes are encouraged to come out and disrobe for the purpose of creating art and being photographed in this celebration of the diversity of the human body!  Many forms of artistic expression are encouraged.
Requirements: Full nudity is not required, but it is certainly encouraged. We are looking for males and females over the age of 18 willing to sign a participation agreement.
There is NO FEE to participate in this project but there is NO COMPENSATION, either. Participants should do this for the love of art.
Photos will be taken of individuals, couples, groups, etc. in a variety of natural and posed activities...smiling, doing backflips, holding hands, embracing and so on.
Interested? To be considered for this project you need to fill out the form below.
Or any other physical distinguishable matters you're proud of.